Custom Belts:
If you have a design that you have created. Please email the design to us. We can make a replica from a design not just a belt that you may have a photo of. Please email to: wrestlewarehouse@hotmail.com

Color Straps:
All belts come with a standard color strap of Black. We do offer 5 more colors that you may choose at an additional cost of $15.00. All straps come with simulated leather as a stock strap. The simulated leather looks and feels like the real thing. This helps us keep our costs low for you the customer!

Each belt comes stock with a center plate and 1 plate on each side. If you are looking for more then a 3 plate belt we offer more plates at an additional cost. You may order up to 7 plates on each belt and that includes the center plate. Plates are 4MM thick. When ordering the belts come with Gold plating or Silver


Custom Replica Title Belt with 3 plates
starting at: $379.99

- 3 Plates Included ( $379.99 )
- 5 Plates +$30.00 ( $409.99 )
- 6 Plates +$40.00 ( $419.99 )
- 7 Plates +$50.00 ( $429.99 )

Large 12" High Main Plates Add: $65

Strap Color
- Black - Stock
- Blue +$15.00
- Red +$15.00
- Orange +$15.00
- Yellow +$15.00
- Green +$15.00

Shipping Costs:
USA Shipping ($30.00) Canada ($45.00)
Australia ($65)



We accept both Visa & MasterCard. Paypal is also accepted with a $25 Payal service fee added to the total of the belt.

Each belt take a minimum of 6 weeks with a maximum of 8 weeks to receive. This time starts once your belt artwork is approved.

We must be notified within 24 hours of receiving your order of any issues with your belt There are no refunds or exchanges of belts as these belts are all made to order.


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